Museum MACAN - An art in the middle of Jakarta

Hola everyone. Guess who's back!

Since I haven't been writing for a long looong time, because I have something to do (and it cost so much time) I would like to say sorry. (lol nobody is waiting for my blog updates tho.)

Being a 9 to 5 worker, and taking care of 12 cats at home is such an exhausting yet Fardhu for me. And for you guys too, who's living in Jakarta. I know it exhaust you guys so much to  living in such a city with a huge traffic. Like. Everywhere.

Now it's time to take a deep breathe and find a place to escape from reality. And here I am giving you a recommendation for a place that can soothe your soul (if you're an art lover).

Have you ever heard about museum MACAN? It's not a place with a tons of "macan" ya. It's a place where you can enjoy the artworks or simply take a picture and upload it on social media (cause it's instagramable). Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara it is.

Terletak di tengah-tengah kota Jakarta, membuat museum MACAN ini mudah dijangkau dari sisi Jakarta manapun. Akses nya pun mudah, you can use public transportation. Untuk Transjakarta sendiri, kalian bisa turun di halte Kebon Jeruk. Lalu berjalan sekitar 100 meter sampai AKR Tower.

Oh, here's a sneak peek of how good the museum is.

Gimana? Banyak spot foto bagus dan yang terpenting adalah, bagi kamu pecinta seni contemporer disini lah tempat yang bisa menyegarkan pandangan.

Terakhir ke museum MACAN ini sih denger-denger cuma sampai akhir Maret ya. So don't miss it!

Semoga bermanfaat, ciao!

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  1. I wanna go there too. And soon will be there, inshaAllah.

    1. And I will be waiting for you to come kak! Xoxo