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Best Mobile App for Blogger

Hi everyone! As promised that I'll post more often, here I aaaam going to tell you what kind of mobile app that helps me so much to post more.

It's BlogTouch. I've downloaded it on iOS.

So, dikarenakan notebook kesayangan sudah betul-betul lamban (It's full of my lil sissy KDrama). Saya menjadi agak kesulitan untuk posting (even menulis). It took me like an hour or more to open the browser. So I was thinking there must be something or some app that can help me. Aaand I found this app named BlogTouch and it's really help me. SO MUCH!

Here you can see all your posted article. And you can post or write an article through this app too! (Untuk post article you should subscribe the app) but don't worry cause you can still write and save it as a draft.

Like this.

Setelah kamu save artikel yang sudah di tulis, you can just visit your blogger page on your browser and publish an article you wrote.

It's so simple yet helpful right?

Oh, saat kamu menulis artikel di aplikasi ini, kamu juga bisa insert picture loh. Dan ini simple banget karena kayak cuma add attachment di email. Jadi kamu bisa add pictures langsung dari folder di ponsel.

Semoga bermanfaat, ciao!

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